Petition to End DST

DST means daylight savings time. This clock setting adventure began in the US when the federal government ordered it to start during the World War 1. The goal of setting this DST was to conserve energy as it proved a significant challenge in the manufacturing and production industry. They wanted to use the later hours of the daylight between April and October to their advantage. Even during the World War 2, the federal government made sure that states observed DST. From the time the Second World War ended to 1966, were given the privilege to opt if they can observe DST or not.
As the time went on though, people started filing a petition to end DST.read_more_from_ Those filing the petitions have different arguments when it comes to this system. Some say that they are denied an extra hour of sleep which messes with the natural circadian rhythm. Due to this effect, the individual made to undergo this clock setting adventure suffer some health problems as their productivity levels go down as well. Employees are affected by sleep deprivation during these times hence leading to the increase in workplace injuries. In the long run, the employer's income value goes down a bit dragging the country's economy at large.
It has also been hypothesized that some students are affected by DST. The reports noted that these students registered low scores in their tests due to the change of time during this period. DST is not good for our health as changing our sunlight exposure has been proven to inhibit the production of melatonin, the hormone that promotes sleep.read_more_from_ Insomnia cases have increased, and due to lack of proper sleeping time, individuals become more prone to heart attacks than ever before. Daylight saving time is confusing to many people as it makes them to be late and exhausted which consequently affect their eating habits as well as sleeping habit. 
The petition filed against DST argues that since this era was introduced during the World War to save energy and fuel, it has nothing important to do with modern era. They argue that this policy should be ended so that the negative impacts are also left behind. They believe that the earth's rotation and our biological clocks cannot be engineered socially.The Government of Ontario has been called upon to end this practice in this new era. The petition files have been going around online to request people to sign so that this DST thing comes to an end. Do you agree with the petitioners?read_more_from_